This Is My Railgun Character of the Week – Tomoko Kuroki from Watamote

What can I say about an anime that although has not begun airing yet, has a main character loved throughout the NA Imageboards, particularly 4chan’s /a


I have to admit I am a lurking /a/non. And was it not for this Manga being worshiped over there I would have never been aware of Watamote or the absolutely cringe-worthy life our heroine leads.

Tomoko is for all intents and purposes a loner. She tries, very hard to make herself popular when she enters High School and due to her extreme bi-polar self loathing to narcissistic personality disorder she fails hard every step of the way.


The genius in this series is indeed that fact that she never succeeds and her face falling is always epic.

However, you cannot help but feel bad for her, and cheer her on.


Very very dark comedy manga full that will also occasionally surprise you with a small glimpse of sweetness. The anime will begin to air on July 8th.

I will be watching!


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